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Please find more information about the fearless Life Comfort System, the product resulting from this project, under www.fearless-system.com!


…stands for Fear Elimination As Resolution for Loosing Elderly’s Substantial Sorrows, a project designed to detect a wide range of risks with a single sensor unit, enhancing mobility and enabling elderly to take active part in the self-serve society by reducing their fears. Another main focus of this project is the lack of expertise at the supplier side and thus the integration of important parts of the supply chain (i.e. network of electricians and electric shops). To ensure the concentration on the end users needs and wishes, this project is based on research within the Austrian AAL project MuBisA (www.cogvis.at/mubisa) by which it was possible to gain some experience and feedback from end users, thus improving the quality of the system concept tremendously.

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FEARLESS will utilize the flexibility of vision based sensors and combine it with acoustic event detection. This combination will significantly enhance the reliability of the overall system. The potential dangers, which can be detected with FEARLESS include smoke/fire, flooding, falls or sudden changes in daily life caused by a deterioration of the health condition. The overall aim of this project is the reduction of barriers (i.e. fears and concerns), which impedes the mobility of elderly people, often suffering from dementia or light loss of cognitive activities.